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visit the museum:

normal times are thurs - sun  0900-5pm


there is a donation box and if you feel that the museum should be expanded then please vote by leaving a donation.

Guided tours

we are shooting for a 2 -3 hr guided tour where for a minimal donation we will bring groups through the museum where you will be able to touch and have the items identified and explained by a vet.

this will include blank fireing of some of the weapons, and wearing of some of the gear. 

Vehicle day

this will be a tour with the addition of a chance to drive one of our historical vehicles (jeep, 2 1/2 ton, M3 armored car, etc).  this will require a donation to help keep the vehicle fleet in operation.

Home school program

Bring your child or group in for a great visit where they can see history come alive in front of them with both artifacts and living historians.

Hall rental

hall rental is avabile.  this is a 25 x 60 room with a military theim.  tables and chairs, and other item are included.  great for your model, collectors club or birthday party...

Soldiers then and now

current and past military soldiers displays so you can see, feel and try on  uniforms used by relitives and familey members during past conflicts.

Interested in hiring us for one of your special events?



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